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Coronavirus is a disease that can be fatal for children under 5 years and older people, especially elders who suffer from any other diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, or heart problems.

Coronavirus has started in China and has eventually spread all around the world.

In some reports, scientists and researchers have suggested that this virus is present in bats. More researches are going on to know more about the virus and its vaccine.

Coronavirus is a virus that has similar symptoms like the common cold. People might take it normal and use medicine to treat their cold.

However, if the immune system is strong, these viruses cannot attack our bodies.

What is Happening in the World?

Coronavirus has spread almost everywhere around the globe. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 197 countries, territories, and areas are in effect from this virus.

Among these countries, there have been more than 416,500+ cases of coronavirus, from which more than 18,500+ people have died.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

In Europe, more than 115,000+ cases are in confirmation, and more than 7200 people have died. 

The reason behind this virus is that it spreads by getting in contact with the person who is suffering from it. People who get this virus will suffer from flu and cough, which are some common symptoms that we can get from the coronavirus.

However, the main symptom is dry cough, fever, and difficulty in breathing. Therefore, you must visit the doctor if you are feeling difficulty in breathing. 

Doctors are telling people to avoid coming to hospitals, as there are more germs in hospitals than in the house.

Therefore, it is most likely to catch the virus from the hospital even though you do not have the virus. 

How to Protect YourSelf?

Children and elders are most likely to catch this virus because their immune system is slow or weak to kill the virus. Children are young, and still, their immune system and other bodily functions are developing. Therefore, they can catch this virus easily.

For elders, their immune system is weak because of their age, and as their body is fighting with other bacteria, it makes their immune system low.

If they are suffering from any other disease other than the coronavirus, they might catch one as their immune system cannot fight with this virus.

Coronavirus is a very strong and powerful virus that can be prevented by washing hands and remaining clean.

However, if one catches this virus, if their immune system is strong, the virus will be unable to affect it. 

Due to a strong defensive immune system, one can easily fight the virus and other diseases from the body.

Therefore, one must consume healthy food or immune supplements to make their immune system stronger and fast.

 Immune Defence is the product that can make the immune strong and defensive. 


Best Immune Defence Supplements

Immune defence is the supplement which helps to boost the immune system and helps to fight infection and viruses from the body.

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website.

The immune defence has zinc lozenges with rosehip acerola to help fight the virus with an increase in the immune system.

Immune defence is easy to take a supplement. It is in the form of lozenges (which dissolves in mouth). These lozenges dissolve in the mouth, releasing zinc in the back of the throat.

There are many reasons given about zinc that it helps to stop and prevent the common cold. One of the main reasons for using zinc is that it combines with the outer coat, which is negatively charged carboxyl termini coat of the virus, stops the virus from entering the cell, and prevents it from reproducing more.

Other than zinc, this supplement has many natural ingredients that have been studied for ages and are used for boosting and improving the immune system. 

Due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus and other diseases, people are now getting aware of improving their immunity by eating healthy foods and consuming immune supplements to fight with these pathogens.

There are people who are giving awareness to others and telling them different ways to protect their loved ones and families from unlike diseases by boosting their immune system.

Immune defence is suitable for children above 12 years and onwards. To support the immune system, take one lozenge daily to improve immune and getting daily nutrients.

The immune defence can also help to alleviate the symptoms of common cold much quicker. It can also be taken during high stress as stress lowers and weakens immunity.


Immune defence is the supplement that can boost and increase the immune system and can prevent and fight with different bacteria and viruses that enter our body.

How to strengthen your immunity during the coronavirus pandemic

This supplement has a high amount of zinc, which is an immune booster that can help to reduce 50% symptoms of cough and flu. The immune defence also has a high amount of vitamin C, which is important for boosting the immune system.

Ingredients used in immune defence are all vegan. This means that it is suitable for vegetarians who wish to boost their immune system. Immune defence is suitable for everyone above 12 years of age. 

While most people find it difficult to swallow, this supplement easily and quickly dissolves on the tongue. It is easy for older people to use and for those who get nervous to try pills. 

Ingredients used in immune defense are all-natural and are made after a lot of studies. People, who wish to improve and boost their immune system, can easily use this supplement.

As there is an outbreak of the coronavirus, people can use this supplement to increase and boost their immune system and fight with the different viruses in their bodies.

Immune defence is easy to use the supplement and has the ingredients which can actually boost the immune mechanism. People who have a deficiency of zinc or vitamin C can also use this supplement.

Vitamin C is important to increase and boost our immune system. Therefore, the immune defence has vitamin C along with vitamin A and E to keep our immune system active and makes it rapid when it comes to fighting with germs.


The immune defence has a high amount of ingredients that are necessary to improve and boost immunity in our body.

As many diseases and viruses surround the world, our body needs food and nutrients, which can help the body fight with these pathogens. 

The immune defence has got all the ingredients required to boost the immune system, which can help and fight with the bacteria inside our body. 

When our body is at stress, the immune system is low, and therefore, there are chances for viruses and bacteria to enter our bodies.

Ways to boost Your Immune System to fight Coronavirus

As coronavirus and other diseases, they attack the body and enter who does not have a strong immune system.

The immune defence has a high amount of vitamin C and zinc, which not only boosts the immune system but also helps to prevent and fight with the virus and does not let them reproduce.

The immune defence can help to increase immunity, which can help fight viruses and can help to live our life without any worries. People often get sick because their immune system is weak, and their bodies cannot afford to fight with these bacteria.

Therefore, the person gets sick.

With these improved and natural ingredients, immune defence, our body will be powerful enough to fight any kind of virus or bacteria which enters our body.

People with a weakened immune system, those germs can enter our system and can attack our cells.

Immune defence helps to increase and boost our defense mechanism, and this makes our body free from all viruses and bacteria which enter our body.


The ingredients which are utilized in making immune defence are all-natural and are great immune boosters.

Some of the ingredients are:

  • Sugar
  • Rose hip powder (source of vitamin A, C, and E)
  • Zinc Gluconate
  • Acerola powder
  • Oil from aniseed

Rosehip powder is the main source of Vitamin A, C, and E. Rosehip powder has got these three main vitamins, which are necessary for immune boosting.

Can Supplements Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Zinc is proven as the best nutrient for immune boosting. Continuous use of zinc helps to strengthen the body’s immune system. [1]

Due to weather changes, people might get flu and cough.

It helps to keep our body resistant from all these symptoms. Zinc also helps to reduce these cough and flu symptoms up to 50 %. It helps to keep our body’s immune level normal at times of stress.

How to strengthen your immunity during the coronavirus

Vitamin C is the main source to support and improve the immune system in our body. [2]

Vitamin C helps to protect our body and fights with different viruses, and it helps to fight with different symptoms, which normally occur at times of weather change such as allergic reactions or common cold and flu. 

Taking vitamin C for a longer period helps to reduce the duration of cold symptoms.

Vitamin C helps to prevent the body from respiratory problems by enhancing immune cells and its functions. Acerola is known as a great source of Vitamin C and A as compared with fruits that contain vitamin C.

3) VITAMIN A and E
5 ways nutrition could help your immune system fight cover-19

Vitamin A has the capability to help and fight with various viruses and bacteria’s in our body by increasing and improving the immune system. [3]

Both of these vitamins play an important role in boosting immune cells in our bodies.

This makes our bodies strong, powerful, and physically powerful enough to fight with pathogens in our bodies without getting sick.


A strong and active immune system is very necessary for everyone.

As we grow old, our immune system becomes slow and weak; therefore, our body becomes vulnerable for pathogens to attack.

There are certain foods that help to improve and boost our immune system, however, due to the lack of intake of those food products, we make our immune system weak. 

To improve and make ourselves strong, we must consume food which helps to increase our immunity, in addition, due to lack of food intake we can consume supplements that can cover up the deficiency and can help and boost our defense system in our body.

The best source to boost the immune system is vitamin C, Zinc and many other nutrients.

However, to gain the entire important nutrient for better immunity, one must consume the supplement to make their body free from all pathogens. Along with supplements, we must consume healthy food as well. 

In foods, it is better to consume raw fruits instead of juices and to eat more vegetables as they contain a high amount of zinc and vitamins, which are necessary for a healthy and active immune system.

Vitamin C is the best nutrient that increases our immune system.

The best way to consume vitamin C is to citrus fruits, and if that is not possible, supplements to increase the immune system will be available to boost the defense mechanism.


It is always best to buy the genuine product from the official manufacturing website, because it comes with the money back guarantee and other incentive.

Can Supplements Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The prices are as follows, and the shipping is free:

  • 1 month supply – $44.95
  • 3 month supply – $114.85
  • 5 month supply – $174.75

You can BUY it directly from the Official Website.


No, the immune defence is not available on Amazon and GNC. Immune defence is not available in different renowned markets either.

The best source to buy Immune defence supplements is the official website, NOT Immune Defence GNC NOR Immune Defence Amazon.


Q1: Is immune defence effective in fighting viruses and bacteria?

Yes, the immune defence has got powerful ingredients that can fight the virus inside our body by boosting our immune system.

Q2: Is it suitable for vegetarian/vegan?

Ingredients used in immune defence are all vegan/vegetarian. Therefore, anyone can use it.

Q3: Will immune defence fight the coronavirus in our body?

Coronavirus is a disease that has common cold type symptoms in the first place. As long as your immune system is strong, all the pathogens are our bodies destroyed. 

Q4: What is the way to use this pill?

Immune defence is in the form of lozenges that dissolves on the tongue immediately. It is very easy to consume and can be taken by anyone.

Q5:What is the age limit to take this supplement?

This supplement is allowed for people who are above 12 years of age. Due to the high amount of zinc, it is recommended for 12 + ages.

Q6: How long should we take this supplement?

As this is an immune-boosting supplement, it is better to take one daily to make your body invulnerable from all the pathogens which attack your body.

Q7: How can we (humans) boost the immune system during the coronavirus outbreak?

Coronavirus is a disease that is spreading all over the world. During this outbreak, we must have a strong immune system to fight the virus in our body.

To get a strong defense system, we must use food or supplements to boost our immune system and make our body fight from different pathogens that enter. 

A strong immune system can actually help fight with the virus and other bacteria that enter our body.


Immune defence is a supplement that boosts our immune system in our body.

Due to a lack of food intake, our body becomes an easy target for different pathogens to attack. 

A strong defense mechanism can really help to fight different bacteria’s in our bodies. If the immune system is strong, our body will be able to fight with those germs.

Immune defence supports our immune system and helps our body to fight with COVID-19.

Not only common cold symptoms, but an increase in immune mechanism also helps to fight bacteria’s which causes cold, flu, allergic reactions due to weather change or dust. 

The immune defence can help to increase the immune and keep it in control at times of stress as well.

Normally, at times of stress, our body becomes weak, and this makes our immune system down.

Immune defence helps to keep the level of immune normal and does not let our body get attacked by any germs.


Vitamins That Are Best for Boosting Your Immunity

Immune defence is a supplement that is necessary for people who are vulnerable to bacteria and viruses to enter the body and attack the cells, which makes them sick.

The immune defence has all-natural ingredients and is vegan, therefore suitable for everyone above 12 years of age.

To make our defense mechanism strong, therefore, we must consume food products or supplements to support our immune system.

Nowadays, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the best prevention is to make our immune strong.

Therefore, we must consume it to fight this virus.

Immune defence helps to fight pathogens which enter our body. The ingredients are natural; therefore, there are no signs of side effects after using this supplement.

Exceeding the daily amount of this lozenge might cause a few effects, but they are not harmful.